Selected Reviews

New York Times

“… a wonderfully clever and ultimately triumphant journey of self-discovery for this spunky little character. … You'd never think you would root so hard for a lowercase vowel. But you will…. Little i may be a mere cutout letter, but his humanity shines through.”

School Library Journal

“A playful exploration of language and punctuation with expressive alphabet characters, an exciting journey, and a triumphant ending…. Bright, chunky, and delicately textured cut-paper and collage illustrations fill each page of this story to the brim with color and movement…. An inventive and well-executed story and design make this an excellent choice for young storytimes and a strong selection for most collections.”


“This lighthearted adventure starring the lowercase i portrays the letters of the alphabet with human characteristics. The brief text and uncomplicated plot make this manageable for those just learning the alphabet, while the sly humor will appeal to those a bit older. …awesome!”

Kirkus Reviews

“… An inventive alphabet book for the perceptive reader.”