It’s recess! Four letters (O, V, E, and L) race to the playground to claim the swings. In several pages of recess banter and bullying, one letter is told it’s too round, one is from the wrong end of the alphabet, and one is a vowel and therefore not welcome.
What does it take to save the day? Kindness … and a heavenly and joyful swing. And what do the letters—friends now because of their shared experience—spell when they finally come back to Earth? LOVE.
A story about sharing, acceptance, and kindness, this transcendent and colorful picture book will keep readers guessing while also introducing the letters of the alphabet. Swing is for anyone who loves to hop on a swing and fly to the sky.

Greenwillow Books, 2020, 40 pages, hardcover 978-0-06286-617-2

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Swing poster, discussion questions, and classroom activities

selected reviews


“As he did with Red (2015), Hall again anthropomorphizes familiar and colorful inanimate objects to create a simple and intuitive story of acceptance and love. This will be a
discussion starter and crowd-pleaser for schools, families, and libraries alike.” (Becca Worthington)

The Horn Book

“The text’s repetition and simple vocabulary are age-appropriate but also helpful in highlighting—along with the illustrations—the multiple facets of the story, with its focus not just on the alphabet but also on more abstract concepts such as kindness and acceptance of others. Minimal shapes for the face, arms, and legs of each letter add an impressive range of expression and emotion.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Done in a mostly primary palette, the letters with their block appendages are effective and charming, and thoughtful compositions help convey their shifting emotional states. As Kathryn Otoshi does in One (2008), Hall uses personified shapes to show both conflict based on outward appearances and assumptions and resolution. Teachers will appreciate it as a conversation starter when discussing how to move beyond stereotypes. Another positive title for the anti-bullying shelf.”