Monkey Time

Can you catch a minute? A monkey chases a minute in the rainforest in this clever, funny, and informational story about the concept of time.

Monkey Time stars a silly monkey and sixty minutes, and it is perfect for anyone learning about how time passes. Look for surprises in the pictures on every page!

Meet monkey. Monkey is very curious about the brightly colored—and very tasty-looking—minutes on the minute tree in his forest. But can he catch one before it disappears?

Playful, educational, and entertaining, this brightly illustrated book reinforces simple counting skills while introducing children to basic concepts about time, how time passes, and how time is measured. With illustrations full of engaging animals and a call-and-response text, and loads of rhythm, repetition, and humor, this is a great choice for family and story-time sharing.

Greenwillow Books, 2019, 48 pages, hardcover, 978-0-062-38302-0

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Enjoy the working Monkey Time clock!

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selected reviews

Kirkus Reviews

“As always, Hall uses design to great effect, and the simple style allows readers to focus on the growing narrative of the accumulation of minutes. … Both simple and complex and always with humor: a worthy addition to the telling-time shelf.”


“Hall’s trademark painted and cut-paper illustrations in bright green, blue, red, and yellow with brown monkey in the center are striking. In neighboring trees and on the ground, rain forest creatures are seen: a three-toed tree sloth slowly climbs among branches, a crimson finch egg hatches, and a chameleon uses his sticky tongue to catch a meal. … This entertaining story will reinforce counting skills while teaching youngsters a bit about time.” (Maryann Owen)

School Library Journal

“Created in collage style, the shapes of the animals and scenery are bold and easily identifiable, and the bird’s-eye view of the tree graphically represents the clock face. The minutes are represented by small yellow dots with legs illustrating how quick and spunky they can be. Other rainforest animals appear, and the author provides a wonderful appendix teaching facts about habitat and behaviors. … A fun informational picture book introducing time to the very young; a good choice for most shelves.” (Amy Shepherd)

Michael Hall